Valued Member of our Team

I am no bookkeeper, but my job as office manager involves a fair amount of bookkeeping tasks such as creating invoices, paying bills, and preparing payroll, which are all mostly simple data tasks.  I know QuickBooks just well enough to enter the information in the right place.

John Forbes comes in every month to reconcile my bank account which involves going over every transaction to make sure it is correct.  Sometimes I make an error, and that is where John really helps me, as usually fixing the error is far more complicated than doing it correctly in the first place. Occasionally something will get overlooked, and then it shows up on the bank statement and John notices it and is able to fix it as well.

John patiently instructs me on what I did wrong and how it should be done correctly and my errors have decreased greatly.  Typos still happen and he catches those as well, as everything must balance down to the penny.  When he leaves my office after our monthly appointments, balancing the books has been achieved.

I consider John a valued member of my team here at display art inc.

Bill Gallagher
Operations Manager
display art inc/Orange County Fine Art Storage